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Font knuckleheads…

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

I’ve found something to piss about.
I’ve been looking for a font editor, preferably open source, free or inexpensive. Turns out that is hard to find. The free programs generally require some sort of fucking around or coding to install on my system, and have questionable results. The pay ones are outrageously expensive for all the more they do. Let’s get real, fonts are fonts, they come, they go. None are worth more that ten bucks, and those are worth that for a very short period of time. Font licensing? Your kidding me. Fonts are the wrenches if graphic design, one breaks, you get another one. You shop for the price point that makes sense for you and you buy that one. Making fonts is not a living, its a passion. I’ll leave it at that. Design, Art, Music, the harder you try to regulate and monetize, the harder and more resilient and stubborn it becomes. Brand and design for “luxury” and “fortune 500” companies all you want, there is still the 98% those brands hope to exploit and grow fat on. Let’s leave marketing to social media, it a level plain that doesn’t care what appearance is presented. Design is Dead? All sounds so blaise.