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New Music…

Sunday, March 17th, 2013


I listen to “Alternative Music” all day at work, what it amounts to is the same five songs looped over and over. There is nothing alternative about them, the station are just shills for the dying record companies. If you listen to it enough times maybe you will buy it. Blah, Blah Blah, soapbox, soapbox, soapbox. Anyway, Kim and I were in the Mirkwood yesterday and a young guy was there, he had hitchhiked across the country from Chicago busking and selling his music. We liked that. A lot. Bought the CD for ten bucks and he was genuinely appreciative, he told us to spread it around, copy it, share it, give it away, just get it out there. So here I am, forgot the kids name, no contact info on the cd case, but here is the music, if you want it all, shoot me a comment.
The Day the Platte River Died copy