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Thursday, November 24th, 2011

Just finished watching “Helvetica” the documentary about the font. It focused on the proliferation of the font and it’s origins. It basically breaks down to two groups: designer who believe that type should not be expressive and only be used as a tool for delivering a message. And the anti-Helvetica camp who believes that type should be illustrative and express meaning on it’s own. I have to say I’m with the former rather than the latter. A graphic designer’s first job is to convey a message. I thought it was funny that they included David Carson (Raygun magazine) in a movie about typography. As an artist, I am fully behind his work, as a designer he doesn’t belong in the discussion about conveying a message clearly and efficiently. He talked about not liking a article in Raygun about Bryan Ferry he didn’t like. So his solution was to typeset it all in Dingbat. This is a great reason he is not a great or even good graphic designer. He’s a visual artist. Designers convey a message, artists editorialize, which is what he did in this case.
All in all I liked this movie, it gave me a greater appreciation of Helvetica.