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Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

what it is bitch…

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

what to say.

I’m writing this on my open source experiment, a old T43 Thinkpad with Ubuntu Linux installed on it. I’ve put only open source software it. It’s a good communicator. I’m playing with a couple of 2d, drawing programs to replace Illustrator, those are some big shoes to fill, I’m hopeful. Oracle Open Office replaces Microsoft Office quite nicely for my needs and is compatible. Pigden is the chat program and works just fine. I have no special needs in this regard.

Been doing the bus commute, which has given me a opportunity to read quite a bit. Currently reading “Angela’s Ashes”, man, what a drag. I’m Irish and happy I didn’t inherit the Catholicism, what a bunch of miserable fucks. Also read a John Irving book, “The Water Method Man”, very good as usual.

I wish there was more to say about my introduction to parenting, there isn’t. We are keepers of the the states ward and a mother’s stupidly. Stacia has personal work, and I hope she can come through it. We certainly are trying to help her.