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Standing still…

Monday, April 26th, 2010

I hate the feeling of standing still. I hate having to wait while life passes by. I should be working at my job, but instead I’m waiting for a program to download, for the last three hours. I’ve watched people come and go, it makes me insane. It is so counter productive. Came into work this morning again to computer problems, I have lost weeks during my time here to computer problems.

Coffee evolution…

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

The coffe stand Kim and I have been going to here in Arlington, Stims & Moloko, was sold recently. It was named after a passage in a book called, ” A Clockwork Orange”, refering to the opening seen where Alex and his “droogs” are getting ready for a night of terror at a bar that offers milk (moloko) laced with speed (stims). It was very literary and artful and he was a coffee geek, making sure it was brewed right, blah, blah, blAh. Did I say it was in Arlington. I believe he opened it when coffee was still “niche” thing, or unique. That was the first step.
Coffee is on every corner, most of it is no good, but who can tell. It has evolved to serve the masses, people are trained to buy four dollar cups of coffee and they do, almost without question. The training was good and most of the coffee is probably Folgers run through the espresso machine.
Training. The second step.
If I can buy four dollar coffee on every corner, why does it matter which corner?
Step three. Why indeed.
In the case of the afore mentioned coffee stand, the hook to draw people in was a sports theme. A coffee sports bar, not bad, it fits the area. I don’t know if it was working or not or the the next step was planned from the beginning.
Step four. Bikini baristas.
Now, we have seen the evolution from coffee snob to “what coffee?” in roughly three months.