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Sunday, January 25th, 2009

Hey all-

Beginning of the year stuff is over, I think. New Years at Dave and Colleen’s as we have for the past few years, always a good time and keeps us off the road with all the crazies. Then the great Monroe flood, but even fate could not keep Josh and Jodi from taking the plunge, almost literally. Love is Grand. Poor Drew got the shit end of the stick having to follow Jodi’s dad’s toast…holy crap that was a gushy one. Funny in an uncomfortable way. Mom hit 81 on the 20th, horay for Mom. As for us, keep on truck’in. Kim is showing a renewed interest in photography and having a good time screw’in around with it, and taking some great pictures. I still have a thousand and forty two art projects to tackle. Slowly my studio is getting back to something resembling orderly. Things just keep coming.
It looks like we may have the Wisconsin house rented…two gay guys…and one’s black…in Wisconsin, that’s a joke with no set up, just punchline.
That will be nice. Obviously downsizing is the word of the day, and year. There is no better time to try to initiate everything we have been thinking about since moving here. A little food garden, a little wiser with energy, a lot less things to deal with. Fantastic credit is both a blessing and a curse, I’d gladly trade some for a piece of mind…and a day off.
All the new Mac products are working awesome, duh.
Interesting dynamics lining up for the year ahead, I’ve got my helmet ready.
Next big milestone…The Watchmen. This is a adaptation of a really great graphic novel, by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons that came out twenty or so years ago. Really changed the way comics were thought of in popular culture, along with the Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller.

My Grandson is doing well

He’s naked from the waist down.
What a rock star.
Work is work. I just want more life outside it. That’s what this year is about. I got a super wife, a super family, a super house, six kick ass dogs, and I’m greedy and want more of all of it.
Seattle was built during hard times and had some ways of getting through, not always morally upright, but survival is what it is. “The Sons of Profits”, by William Spiedel
Think of the country and the world, and how much change is going on, remember you were there.
Dani California, by The Red Hot Chili Peppers
Scare Easy, by Mudcrutch
You don’t know how it feels, by Tom Petty
Die,Die my Darling, (Misfits) covered by Metallica
Hero of the Day, Metallica

Lots of pieces from my past. Sartre, Miller, King, Wolfe.



Friday, January 9th, 2009

They say it is good luck to have rain on your wedding day. Well we are flooded!

The directions that are on the Lord Hill Farms website and the directions that came in the invitations are no good due to the flooding in Snohomish.

No worries the farm is not flooded, we are just above the new Lake Monroe.

On Highway 2, head towards Monroe.

As you get close to the fairgrounds there is a light with an AM/PM on the left hand side (Fryelands AVE).

Turn right at this light.

Follow this road for a couple miles and you’ll come up to a stop sign. Turn right onto Old Snohomish-Monroe road.

There is a road closed sign at the intersection but just ignore it. All it is telling you is that you can’t get into Snohomish via this road.

Continue down Old Snohomish-Monroe road for about three miles.

Lord Hill Farms will be on the right hand side. The street address is 12525.

If you come up on water on the roadway, you’ve passed it. Turn around and look to the left for the Lord Hill Farms Driveway!

Hope to see you all there!