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Another haitus…

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

Hey all-

It’s been another fast month! I’ve started a new job at DPA Signs and it’s going good. Good people who seem passionate about what they do. It’s a good opportunity for me to move up the “sign food chain” so to speak. I am assisting the production manager with the idea of moving into his position when he moves on. There is also a opportunity in project management. It’s great to out of the retail end of things. I can go to my job everyday and worry about my job instead of mine and everyone else’s. That’s just the nature of the retail sign industry. On the Lowes front, I have switched jobs and started working in the cash office on the weekends. It’s good in that it stabilizes my schedule with set hours on the weekends and also during the week. The little free time I have I can at least plan for.

Which brings me to the big annoucement: After a long haitus, we’re cranking up Harvest Fest again! We are getting flyers out this week.

Sonics, Google and MySpace…

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

Whether or not it was now or in two years, the sonics leaving was a foregone conclusion. Now we have a chance to have another team. The biggest hurdle and one I haven’t heard yet is whether we can hold our notoriously short attention span long enough to get the legislature to approve some funding.

Add time machine to the list of what the internet can do. I was working the second job the other day when an old friend from the adolescent years came in. We chatted a bit and got to talking about the people we knew. I got curious about someone in particular and “googled” him. Sure enough. Managed to find him through a couple of different jobs he had and finally, his MySpace page. Reading about his life really brought it back for me. He really is just the same, older, with a kid, but essentially the same. Looks the same, writes the same, listens to the same music, seems to have the same aspirations. A couple of obvious holes. So now there’s the question of whether or not I can resist the urge to make contact. I don’t know if I really want to, we hung out a lot and had a few good times, but were never “close”.