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The eagle has landed…

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

Hey all-

…and landed, and given up. Defeated. By a stupid chicken. Last week Kim was sitting at her desk working and looking out at the yard, when she saw a Bald Eagle swoop down on something, happens that it was one of our roosters who had gotten out. Well you’d think that was it for the rooster, but no, It got away minus a bunch of feathers. It ran a bit and the eagle caught him again, well you’d think THAT was the end of the rooster. Nope. It got away again, this time escaping into the coop. We’ve concluded that the eagle was old or retarded or something. Now the rooster was doing fine, clearly pissed off that all of his feathers were gone, but seemingly good.
This morning I found him dead. He fought the good fight, he survived through an attack by our country’s national symbol, even if it was a old, retarded Bush,–I mean bird.

talk to you soon


Friday, June 6th, 2008

Hey all-

Alright, your all on the edge of your seat I know. Here is the updated Domestic Blast 08′ schedule:

I downloaded the new NIN the other day. It was ok, but just. Pretty flat and ho hum. Rezner has definitely lost a step or two. What really interest me is how he and a lot of other musicians are choosing to distribute there work digitally. Blogs, internet TV, Internet radio, digital distribution, I’m watching this close. It’s great to have a new frontier to explore for a while longer at least. It’s a important milestone in history and we’re right in the middle of it, watching it evolve. I would encourage anyone out there to take advantage. Learn about open-source software, and indie artist, both musical and visual, they all have a chance to be seen, instead of the big media companies telling us what we like. I plan to have a gallery page here someday myself. I love this blog. Keep an eye on the sidebar, I put some pretty cool links there, I think so.

talk to you soon,



Friday, June 6th, 2008

I’m here, just finishing up my week’s schedule. I’ll post tonite or tomorrow night.


Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

Hey all-

I got a little time and was able to map out part of my Domestic Experiment 08′.

more to come…

So Kim took Mom to the doctor today and guess what…Mom is going to the Wisconsin! Yes, I’m sure it will be a trip of warp humor and suspense books on tape. I think mom is curious as hell to see no?where east.

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

Kim is taking off for Wisconsin next week to bring back another load of stuff. Mostly our equipment, espresso machine, prep cooler, oven… We will feel better with those things close. I’ve thought about what went wrong, and beside the actual issues with the business itself, I never spent any time setting up a household. The house was a place I slept and left. Being back makes me appreciate the comforts of a home. So I plan to embark upon an
while Kim is back east. In the coming days I will submit for your viewing a detailed domestic schedule by which I will complete the many tasks associated with having my house and animals and two jobs. I will also give indepth reports through this blog detailing my progress. Stay tuned.

Funny thing I keep running into John Maynard of Robin and Maynard fame at Lowes. I grew up listening to this guy. Apparently he’s dating the woman who used to make espresso up at Stims and Moloko at Island Crossing.

Hey the new NIN album is here for free download.