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A manifesto of my life so far…

Monday, March 24th, 2008

Hello all-

Eventually this had to happen. These are some of the things I believe, it’s a living list and incomplete.

1. Use the terms; Please, Thank you, Sir and Ma’am. It’s polite, and a sign of good parenting.
2. I hate rudeness.
3. Be on time, tardiness is rude. (I’m always late to family outings, I know.)
3. Treat respect with respect.
4. Respect has a shelf life that expires minute to minute, so you have to constantly earn it. Try being polite and on time, it goes a long way.
5. Rude people are generally assholes. I won’t tell you if your an asshole, I’ll just ignore you or treat you like one. (I usually ignore them.)
6. Multi-tasking for me is two(2) things at a time. Anymore and my life and anyone in the vicinity’s life will be hell.
7. Do one thing good. Pursue it passionately. (I’m guilty of not doing this.)
8. If it’s not my business, don’t pester me with it. I have a whole list of things to deal or not deal with.
9. Self help books are created for fucked up people by equally fucked up people with a predatory streak of greed and cruelty.

10. Uncomfortable, inappropriate humor is the best.


Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

joey: so apparently we have a new stupid alcohol law on the books.
2:16:07 PM mayostein: they must hate you people.
2:16:08 PM mayostein: what now
2:19:43 PM joey: well they upped the amount of alcohol you can get in one drink in a club
2:19:54 PM joey: from 1 oz to 1.5 oz
2:20:12 PM joey: but…. they eliminated our side car option
2:20:34 PM joey: sidecar = a 1oz shot of the same alcohol in your drink
2:21:09 PM joey: it’s almost too hard to explain in text
2:21:11 PM joey: haha
2:21:47 PM joey: Now you can still get a shot with your drink but it can’t be the same type of alcohol
2:22:05 PM joey: So basically they really want you to mix liquors and get really f’d up.
2:23:38 PM joey: did i tell you i figured out the real reason behind all this nonsense?
2:27:19 PM mayostein: no but do.
2:27:31 PM mayostein: I think i get what you said there
2:29:57 PM joey: ok all this liquor law crap is really just about money but it’s sold under the guise of religious morality.
2:30:22 PM mayostein: i kinda got that
2:32:12 PM joey: I swear it’s like a mafia plan or something.
2:32:41 PM joey: The state controls all liquor sales. Much like washington. And they mark up those sales 86%
2:33:23 PM joey: The bars actually love the measured pour because it cuts back on loss and theft and helps them account for every ounce of product
2:33:30 PM joey: So they love the system.
2:33:52 PM joey: A good bar hear probably makes triple what a good bar in seattle does is my guess.
2:34:12 PM joey: they charge the same per drink and there’s no free shots or heavy pours going on to limit profits.
2:34:43 PM joey: This bill to increase the amount per drink was HEAVILY opposed by bar owners.
2:34:50 PM joey: cuz it cuts into profits.
2:35:41 PM joey: Now, the sneaky part of this whole recent deal is this…
2:36:22 PM joey: Giving us an extra 1/2 oz of liquor in our drinks was just part of this bill.
2:36:27 PM mayostein: reading
2:37:21 PM joey: the other part removes all “alcopops” (wine coolers, malt beverages, etc…) from the grocery stores and puts them into the state run liquor stores under the premise that they are promoted to teens. gateway drugs.
2:37:30 PM joey: They actually used those terms
2:37:31 PM joey: alcopops
2:37:35 PM joey: and gateway drug.
2:37:46 PM mayostein: ahahh
2:38:23 PM joey: So, the state gets another 2.7 million in revenue each year by screwing the bar owners out of a 1/3 of their profit.
2:39:19 PM joey: They got the bill to pass because they got the church to believe that those fancy looking beers were targeting the youth. The church bought off and so did the legislature.
2:39:51 PM joey: but they gave us the bonus of fucking up our already confusing enough bar laws and giving us a stronger one at a time drink.
2:40:09 PM joey: it’s all an elaborate ruse to exploit the sinners of their money
2:40:13 PM joey: sin tax.
2:41:10 PM mayostein: it sounds like theobureaucracy at it’s best. I don’t know if that’s a word, but it should be
2:41:25 PM joey: It’s the mob dude.
2:41:45 PM joey: in the end it’s not even about religion. it’s just greed.
2:44:57 PM joey: I just thought of something else. Now that the drinks will be stronger the bar owners will be ordering more alcohol to cover inventory and ba-da-bing… more cash for the state.
2:45:03 PM joey: it’s fucking brilliant.
2:46:53 PM joey: 60% of the state is mormon but 80 – 90% of state government are members.
2:47:21 PM joey: they are plain and simple mobsters.
2:51:59 PM mayostein: I think i’m gonna save this convo. it’s make a good sections in my great american novel. when i get to writing it
2:52:11 PM joey: haha
3:07:40 PM joey: I can’t think about that crap anymore.
3:08:18 PM joey: it bugs me sometimes to no end. but then I have to just step back and say… fuck it… i can’t let it run my life.
3:10:02 PM joey: yer mom
3:13:29 PM mayostein: no, yer mom.

Changed status to Available (3:39:07 PM)
4:23:56 PM joey: “I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that these alcopops are directed to our kids. It is a gateway drug,” said Rep. Mike Noel, R-Kanab.

Friday, March 7th, 2008


private time

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

hey all-

Checking in. The morning before the work day is private time to myself, in a small dark closet…no, not really. Anyway nothing to report here.

talk soon