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“Two months, no love…”

Friday, February 29th, 2008

moon.jpgHello all-

Been a long, long time, so, updates. I owned a business, so now I work all the time. It’s good therapy though, never underestimate the warm feeling a paycheck gives. I still mean to update this site with the latest and greatest in the few moments late at night that I’m not sleeping or working. My list is perpetually huge and unmanageable.
I did manage to squeeze in the first season of “24”. I’m a late comer to this, but it was good, and the second season is on the to do list.


I will dig up my vinyl and bring it down. It belongs to someone who can properly enjoy the novelty of it. AIC.

I’m looking for an old PC laptop, this morning on the way in I was thinking of a computer running some other OS besides windows or mac. There out there, it would be a good distraction to try them out. I’m also really feeling the open-source software thing going on all around us. It’s good, solid stuff that’s riding the tip of the innovation wave.

What else.

Really grooving on my job right now, I’m a sign maker through and through, just trying to take it to the next level…

Sorry for the long hiatus, I’ll try to keep up better.

OHH! Just listened to “Wicked” on cd. It’s the behind the scenes story of the wicked witch of the west, pretty cool.

see ya