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Eli Manning Sucks Balls…

Sunday, November 25th, 2007

…there. I said it. Does anyone still disagree?

So Kim and I had a nice little dinner at Mom’s Saturday nite. Naomi and Ben came down and I got to chat and feel her huge belly, #1 on the list of things you do in the presents of a pregnant lady. Talked with mom and caught up. Dale came over for a bit and I chatted with him briefly. I look forward to seeing the rest of you at Christmas.
I worked on the coop this weekend. One end completely gutted and the temporary goat and chicken yards up. Still have the other side and painting and rewiring to do. It was nice to work. Hard work that yields quantifiable results, I’m sore and tired and extremely satisfied.

Lots more things to do now that I’m back. Home feels good. We have good people all around us, in Wisconsin and Washington.


Alien boy…

Saturday, November 17th, 2007

alienboy1.jpgWell the time is ticking down to the day when we welcome Hirum “alienboy” Davis into the world. Naomi is doing fine and healthy. Pretty cool pic, huh?

And here I am…

Friday, November 16th, 2007

the prodigal son returns to the Barnyard. It has been a long, long, looong time and much has transpired. So much that this post will probably not cover it all. I’d like to say however I missed this exercise, it is easy to lose sight of the little things in a sea of everything big and significant. Frederic is a beautiful, well kept and seasonal town. We have shut down Lonesome Lil’s for the winter to return again in the spring. We have a lot of work to accomplish in this time, we want the farms to sustain themselves, meaning putting something on them that makes money. In Wisconsin, it means getting the help of key family member(s) to help us with some “small” farming. It came to my attention through some observation and some people (mostly my wife, but others as well) flat out telling me, that the large farming ways of Northern Wisconsin are a thing of the future. What we have is a population in the midst of a huge change, trying to decide what the hell to do next. I can relate and sympathize. I think once they realize that one of their own has gone out into the world and seen some things, and most importantly seen from afar the beauty and simplicity of the life in Wisconsin, AND RETURNED, that they will listen to the message. And see the results of letting go a little. Someone told me to give the people back there some slack, think I just did without realizing it. I do love the land we own.
In Washington, it also means putting this land to work. We’ve spend a lot of time preparing the canvas, once we finished it became blurry as to what we were going to do, at least to me. This time away has given me a hell of a perspective on things. I’m going to keep this piece of dirt and do some good things on it. Fleshed out plans will follow.
I have a lot of work to do supporting Lonesome Lil’s and the two farms in the way I can do it best and I’m looking forward to the next set of challenges. If there anything like the last cycle of change, I’m in for another ride.
lightening.jpgOne of the truly beautiful things I saw back there was the lightening. There was always thunder and lightening. Much to the time though it would never strike the earth, it would jump from cloud to cloud. No noise, no rain, just an amazing light show.

that’s it for now.