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T.V. Party

Monday, August 20th, 2007

5 days…

Friday, August 17th, 2007

…until my first day off since May 25. Time to come home for a while, reconnect, reassess, and relax. We have big plans and it will take lots of pool and beer to hash out. I’m looking forward to seeing you all.

until then…


My old Seattle home…

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

…I’m coming back for a couple of days. My sister-in-law, Marilyn has graciously offered to man the shop for a while i get a seattle fix. I will be flying in the 22nd and stay til the following monday. Gonna spend that day futz’in around the city and seeing the house. We have a couple of short projects to take care of at the house. Also some planning for the business over pool and beer. I want to get together with you all so let’s figure a time out.

more to come…


Monday, August 6th, 2007

Hello friends and family-

Where do I start, It has been a long time since the last update. Owning a business is a crazy, fun, challenging proposition. We are pushing ahead though. It’s still paying for itself and we’re still fine tuning the menu and figuring out the people we serve. We’ve made a real hit with the people who have come in with our food and coffee, It’s a solid concept and will go where ever we decide to land next. People enjoy good cooking. Possible locations of shop #2 as of now are Tucson, Bozeman and just added Fargo. We’ve even played with going south a bit.

Kim is back in Washington for a while, so give her a call and say Hi. We’re anxious to get a bite on the house out there. It’s hard to focus when your still tethered 1700 miles away from where you are trying to make a go of it. Personally, I’ve spent all of my thirty six years in one place and making the break would be easier if the house were gone. I haven’t closed that chapter in my life yet and I need to. Sold or not however, I will be back there in September sometime to visit, pack, move or whatever.

Some bad news. Maisy, our blue healer, had a run in with a Fisher (or wolverine) and I’m afraid didn’t survive the encounter. Life in the country is a real bitch sometimes I tell ya. The good news of this is that my brother in law has offered me a .22 and some lessons so I can fulfill my new ambition of give every Fisher I can find lead poisoning. fisher_animal.jpgThey are protected animals here, but there’s always the 3 S’s (shoot, shovel and shut up)

Now some more good news. Naomi and Ben are having a healthy baby boy. She sent us the ultra sound photos the other day. Very cool. I’ll post up some photos when I get them scanned. I show you the one that has the “Gender”, the kid is hung.

Sean has landed safely in Korea and will spend the next year doing whatever it is he does. Afterwards, he will either head to Japan for another three years or come stateside and join the airbourne out of Offit Air Base in Nebraska. Don’t know which way he will go or if he even has a say. He’s a good kid and will land on his feet.

As for Me and Kim, we’re doing good. I’ve alway loved her dearly and took for granted how well she takes care of me. These separations we have to endure seem a thousand years wide.

It will be nice to get back home, if only for a weekend.

take care, we’ll talk soon.