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Sunday, May 27th, 2007

dsc00859.JPGHello, ohla, bon jour-

Hell of a couple of days. We opened the shop on the 25th, it was a pretty good day. Lots of people came in and we really excited to have the place up and running. Very different culture here, I’m sure in Seattle our first couple of days would have been total failure, here though, they rallied to the cause of a REAL coffee shop, that served REAL coffee and REAL food. We met our projections for the opening, so that was good. This will be a great place to build and expand and eventually have a template for more shops in other rural locations. The people genuinely want this sort of thing and were waiting with baited breath. Kim’s food is a hit, most of you know that. Everyone here remembers when folk here baked and cooked real food and welcome the opportunity to have it back. Sad to say a lot of that disappeared when the farm culture began to erode. Even more surprising to me is the teenagers that buy a real scone, a real muffin, can’t get enough of them and have a appreciation of good food. The small rustic pizzas are real hit, they provided a punch to the limited menu. Kim is in heaven as most of you who know her could imagine, the menu will constantly grow and change, keeping it fresh and interesting to all. I love being a barista! Even the old scandanavian duffers who have drank crappy brown colored water for sixty years love the fresh, rich coffee they get from a coffee machine. Very encouraging. We have a LONG way to go, but we’re excited. Now that the doors are open and all the hard work of getting open is done we can focus on the fun stuff we’ve talked about, like trivia nights, meet the brewer and wine maker nights, hanging art from local artist. Marilyn, my sister-in-law and I want to start an arts council in
Frederic and possibly use one of my out buildings for life drawing classes and such. The biggest challenge of this whole thing, and this is a small town thing, is getting “into” people’s habits. They half to know that we will be there, day in and day out. Once that happens, we’re golden. Saturday morning we had a busy morning, the real success was a group of four little old ladies who came in, bought coffees and pastries and went and sat down and chatted for a hour. Soon a couple of there kids (adult kids) came in and sat with them. They all bought and made themselves at home and shot the shit with each other. Fantastic.

Alrighty, so here is something I’m going to ask you all for. One, come visit as soon as possible. Two, our theme is spaghetti western, so we need that sort of decoration. Any movie posters, artifacts, etc, you can find let us know, we’d love to see it and add it to the shop. I’m on the hunt for Clint Eastwood movie posters, High ’em High, High Plains Drifter, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, posters.

Wow, other than that, this is the first time I’ve been able to reconnect with the outside world. I’m checking in on all my blogs and The Navarro’s site and new internet TV show. Lonsome Lil’s site by the way will be up real soon, I’ve been gathering content for it. It will also have a blog for you all the check in on. The Barnyard will remain my main personal site, where you can keep caught up with all things Dan, and I can stream the crap that wouldn’t be suitable for a business site, like “Sad Kermit”. Might not go over well with the locals,…or it might, who the hell knows.

So my brother-in-law Gary, plowed up my field and planted oats. We’ve kinda let him go crazy with it, something is being done with a empty field and he has a muse for his farming inclinations. A good deal. I have no time to be a farmer and a piece of empty land is insulting to a died in the wool farmer.

I’m posting up a link to Flickr with some pics here, so take a look. I built our bar, and it’s the best thing I’ve every built, so I’m real proud of it.

Opening Soon

Saturday, May 19th, 2007

unknown-4.jpgIt’s breathing down our necks! Friday the 25th is the day, hopefully memorial day weekend is a good weekend to get open. We of course would like to start with a bang. Groceries are on there way, coffee is on its way, and most importantly, Kim is on her way back. Jeezus i miss her. I have the counters just about done, I’ll do a post tonite possibly and put up some pics. the website is in testing mode, and looks really good. It will have a blog also, time to start the education of Frederic, Wi. Also a calender, menu, contact info, etc, etc. all the usual website stuff

back soon

More news and stuff…

Monday, May 14th, 2007

billboard.gifhello all-

Well tonite I go in front of the Village Board and see if I can get a beer and wine license. Paperwork is all done I’s dotted, T’s crossed, so should be smooth sailing. Wish me luck.


Been working on the shop, this is the front bar. Just have some painting to finish up and sheet this thing, then away we go. The paperwork and permitting is the real work. Setting up vendors, blah, blah, blah. It’s fun though, exciting. Next week will be a real long one. Kim and Marilyn (her sister) get back here thursday and we open friday morning. so that’s pretty much an all night baking session.

Tired or not, Kim will be in heaven. I will too. This feels right.

I’ll add to this later and let you know how the meeting went.

Oh, we’re supposed to have seventy mile an hour winds, with thunder and lightning and hail tonite. Of course right now it’s eighty four and humid as hell.


I just got back from the board meeting and we have been approved for the beer and wine license. So far no harsh weather.



Friday, May 11th, 2007

Hey all-

Well nothing much too report. The other night fifteen horses stampeded through my front yard, then were chased away by a angry farmer with a big John Deere towing a discer. Yeah, not much.
As for the shop, It’s coming along good. The health inspector was out tuesday and said we appeared to have everything under control, tidy and such. Good news. The improvements are just about done so I can get in there without anyone in my hair. Tom, Bill and Leonardo have done a great job getting stuff done. I have proper power, water, drainage and a new HVAC roof system. The website will be up before we open, I’m hoping around the end of next week. I’m kind of a charity case as that’s concerned, so I don’t push too hard. It will be blog site format, so we can have the idle chatter and extra pages for menu, events, etc. This format is really easy to use.

I found this bat on the top of door jam in my house.dsc00823.JPG

I’m making the adjustment pretty good, there is a lot less distractions here for sure. That helps, I have a butt load of stuff to do, we are opening up the 25th now, the weekend of memorial day. I sit at my shop and look at all the traffic passing by and think how this thing needs to happen now. It’s moving ahead though, the 25th will be here sooner than I think.

Kim is heading home tomorrow for a week and then coming back for opening. We’re flying Marilyn, her sister out to drive back with her. I need her there, she is the architect of the menu and has been waiting a long time to do this. It makes me work harder to make sure all the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted. She’ll be there Sunday til the 22nd, so give her a call and say Hi.

That’s it for now



Monday, May 7th, 2007

spam.jpgAlright already, somebody comment so I have something other than spam to read! Man, I must have let the cat out of the bag, cause these sonofabitches are going to town on me. I get nine or ten spams to the blog a day, fuckers. What a bunch of assholes, trying to use my blog to advertise their hard on pills. Scum of the earth.

So the place is shaping up. We’re almost done painting and have a good buzz going around town. We want to open the 25th in time for memorial day weekend. We will be serving just coffee, pastries and dessert. July 1st we should have our beer and wine license and then will do the full menu.


A new experience

Friday, May 4th, 2007

Yes, yet another wonderful new experience…I got a tick! Apparently it’s pretty common here. Wood ticks. yeesh. Went and got flea and tick meds for all the doggies. I have to do a tick check before going to bed. I don’t like mosquitoes, but at least when their done with you they fly away, ticks stick! and that’s all together to creepy.flyer.jpg

Small town

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

Hello all-

Small town life, and here’s an example: Kim and I had gone across the street from our shop to eat some breakfast Monday morning. On the way back my phone fell through what I come to find out is a massive hole in my pants pocket. Didn’t realize it. When I finally did I looked all over for it, couldn’t find it. Kim’s phone had no charge so I couldn’t call it. So I went over to the restaurant and asked the waitress if she had seen a phone on the table we ate at. She didn’t but offered her phone so I could call my phone in hopes of hearing it. So I call, someone answers, “Dan Minnick’s phone.” It was the Frederic police. In the fifteen minutes it took for all this to happen, someone had found it and walked it over to the PD. Funny thing, the cop found out it was mine by going through my address book, he found a listing for “Parents”, and called mom. He even delivered it back to me!

Example #2

Kim’s nephew David was on his way back from a business trip in a nearby town. On his way through frederic he stopped at a bar and started BS’ing as people do here. the Bartender informed him that he thought he had heard that his aunt was moving back to town…today! We hadn’t been to that bar.

It’s a real and honest slice of the twilight zone.

alrighty then…

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

openingsoon.jpgHello all-

Forty-eight hour later, we arrive. That drive sucks eggs. We had six dogs in tow too. It’s beautiful here. Warm and spring-like. Now begins the new “job”. I’ve made the round of the little bars here in greater Polk county, that’s where things happen and information travels, so I started talking things up. I’ll start handing out the flyers too. By the opening comes around we should have a pretty good buzz going. We plan on being pretty “noisy” with our build out on the shop, go to make sure everyone going by knows we’re there. I was able to get a couple of banners together too.
Get this!? I have a plowed field! Just call me Farmer Dan. Stay tuned for the crop report.
I have a ton of stuff to do, I’ll be back soon.