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24 hours, no shut eye…

Saturday, March 31st, 2007

What a wonderful flight, airplane seats are in the same dubious class as the Rack and Iron Maidens. Everyone who was trying to get some shut eye had their head in their arms on the fold out trays. Nap time in first grade all over.
Met with the lawyer this morning and got the corporation stuff going, pretty quick and easy. Worked out details on the space and got the lease to go over and get signed. Here are some pics.
Lonesome Lil’s

I didn’t know the pain he suffers…

Friday, March 30th, 2007

Red-Eye blues…

Friday, March 30th, 2007

concourse.JPG11:32, March 30, 2007

Here I am again catching the red-eye to Minneapolis. This is a pretty regular flight, the only one I can ever catch. We’re just not culturally liberated enough here to do away with last call, and theres no chance of beer in vending machines, so I’m drinking water. It’ll be nice to see the house, it’s warmed up back there now. I’ll meet the lawyer in morning then to the shop to work out the lease, after, beer and family time. I’ll post pictures of the shop and the spring back there, so stay tuned.

Bought the second installment of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, so I’m gonna get to it.


Midweek delight

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007


Slogging through another week, ass deep in alligators in work and life. I’ve decided to hire a lawyer to get us through the incorporation process. Neither of us want to do it and if it isn’t done right, we could really get corn holed. We settled on “Six Dog Serenade, Inc.” as the name of our corporation, we’ll DBA as Lonsome Lil’s.

I’ve recently come back into possession of a prized heirloom that’s passed around some friends of mine best described as follows:

Best Chair EVER. You don’t even know. Serious.

I’ve had this chair for quite some time (around 10 years) and it has to be the ugliest piece of comfortable furniture I’ve ever had. I’ve literally feared the day that I would part with this magnificent piece of crap. Not only is it comfortable, not joking here, but it has perfectly level armrests in which to place a beverage or two of your choice.

This chair has been my friend in times of need, such as:

1. When one of those long nights of alcohol consumption creates a barrier of spins between me and my sought after bed comfort.

2. Random midday naps

3. Those uncomfortable talks with soon to be ex-girlfriends when diametrically opposed seating seamed necessary.

4. Simultaneous television and beverage enjoyment, with no need for a side table.

5. Quick and easy place to store heavily trafficked clothing, such as a jacket or pair of pants.

You just wouldn’t believe the measure of joy that this chair has given me. I will never feel as blessed to have owned a piece of furniture as I do about this chair. The pictures that I’m providing don’t even come close to doing it injustice. The shear ugliness of this chair is a marvel, but in the end isn’t it how the chair makes you feel rather than outward appearance that really matters?chair.jpg

Alas, I cannot keep this “Prince of Furniture”, this “Vagabond of Comfort” for I need to occupy it’s space with a much smaller object. Maybe a plant or a brightly colored mixing bowl. So I ask you this. How much are you willing to pay for comfort and convenience? I’ll start the bidding at $50. Make me an offer and I’ll gladly pass the baton of comfort over to you. [Rootbeer not included.]



P.S. I’m serious.

P.P.S. I’m not drunk.

That ad didn’t sell the chair, but it did get him a date. What a Don Juan, what a Lothario.
It’s nice to have someone help with content sometimes. (Even if it is unwittingly)

Weekend in review…

Sunday, March 25th, 2007

ohla folks-

Semi productive weekend. Fun, relaxing. Next week will be work and preparing for the Wisconsin trip next weekend. Buying dinner for Joe tuesday, cause I bolted on him a couple of weeks back and left him with the bill. eeshh. I was able to catch up with the blogging, which is good, I like this thing. So my brother Dale has been smoke free for thirty days! Wowie. Considering he’s been a smoker since he was five and a half. Congrats.

Talk again soon

I love you all.


P.S.- By the way, anyone who knows my house, knows what I’m talking about when I say the gulley by Ramstad. It is a freaking In-land sea as a result of the the recent several months of rain. Fucking rain.

RAZR’S suck…

Saturday, March 24th, 2007

Blackberry Baby!…so I got a new phone. It’s a Blackberry Pearl. It has all the bells and whistles, camera, texting, e-mail and my own blackberry address, calender, task list, browser, and oh yea, a phone. New stuff is cool.

“Mr. Brad Delp. J’ai une ame solitaire. I am a lonely soul.”

Saturday, March 24th, 2007

so that was the note found by the lead singer of Boston’s body after his successful suicide attempt by a method called “Charcoal burning suicide.” It’s the same as turning on the car and closing the garage door. Nice show, poetic letter. Garage would have been easier. Jeez.

So back in the land of the living.

As we speak the espresso machine is being built that will serve many a cup to thirsting Wisconsinese’s, pretty cool. I will be heading back for a short trip the end of the month to hammer out a lease agreement on a space we’ve reserved back in Frederic. Everything is moving a long.

We’ve been painting and packing, the place is a mess, so seeing as it’s raining AGAIN, we’re going to clean today.

back again soon.

dust to dust…

Saturday, March 24th, 2007

Ohla, critters of the barnyard…

I meant to make this post a week ago…

time travels fast.

Went to the casino this evening. I don’t gamble, much, I watch. the slots are a compulsive ripoff. you get ripped off, but you can’t help it. It only took me twenty bucks. but it doesn’t take much to see it takes many others a lot more.

I refuse to believe that we are a pile of dirt inhabited by a consciousness. We are instead a consciousness held prisoner by dirt. It would be disrespectful of all the people we love or loved to think anything less, and selling ourselves short.

What a week.

It’s been a week and a half since I got the call from Kim saying that Annie our big white dog, had gotten away from her and bolted. It’s happened before to the both of us. I was downtown Seattle with Joe about to tear into a Mama’s Nolasco burrito when the phone rang. I’m sure I turned white. I left poor Joe with the bill, I owe him dinner. Jesus it’s like losing a kid, that was a long half a ride home. I called and Kim had just found her, walking down the center of 530, completely lost. the road is a killer, too many red necks with small dicks and large trucks who feel compelled to run dogs over for sport.

On a side to that, I discovered what was getting into my trash cans at night. My neighbors dog. the same neighbor who called me into the county and made me get a kennel license for my dogs, who never roamed around and got into his garbage. You know, their dogs, they do what they do. So I round the dog up and walk it over to his front door. the dog is a big dopey yellow lab, really pretty harmless. I tell him and his wife that it’s been eating my garbage for a good three weeks. guess what the stupid red neck says: “I didn’t know, I would have shot it.” what do you say to an moron like that other than what I said, “don’t shoot him.” Honesty, we need to start putting down owners. Dogs are dogs and owners are owners, shit happens, dogs get out, owners lose track of them, it happens. I have a secure kennel with functioning electric wire, and shit still happens. fucking ignorant red necks. Nothing more than white trash.

There’s been some new posters, cool, keep coming back, thanks.

Lot more happened this week, but I’m tired.

more to come.

Noah don’t know shit…

Sunday, March 18th, 2007

I think we have the forty days and forty nights licked! I’m building an Ark in my back yard, loading up all my animals and sailing to Wisconsin. I’d rather freeze than drown. It’s been a while since last post, and there are some things to tell, but I just got up and am planning the day, so later.

A load off…

Sunday, March 11th, 2007

beau.jpg We’re pleased to announce the winner of the “Who the hell is going to sell this house contest.” And the winner is…William Minnick! We wanted my nephew Beau, but he wouldn’t return our calls. Some of the things that appealed to us was the fact that he was cheap, and easy. Hey if it works for street walkers… no, really he was honest (which is what he lists as a liability in his profession) and prepared for the meeting, so what the hell, let’s reward the things in the world that are right for a change. It’s also nice to not have a complete stranger trouncing around your house, this situation is stressful enough. Other than that the struggle continues.
It’s becoming a habit in this blog to discuss the pros and cons of fast food joints, lately everything McDingleberry’s is doing wrong. The latest thing for me would have to be the new term, “Snack Hole”. This is right behind “Flavor Dipped” on the grossosity scale. Kim says it sound to much like Snatch, a different sort of hole, I concur. I thing we need some fast food nightmare stories, if you have any, write in. We can post it up.

gonna play some pool.