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House Pictures…

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

Hey All-

Alright, I’ve figured a way to get all the pictures up, so that link is below take a look. Until I get the satellite out here I’m in dial up hell. Spent time with my in-laws last night. They all came over to “break-in” the house and workshop. We sat out there and had beers and some cigarettes. It works fine. Today we are working on the specifics fo setting up our business in preparation for meeting with the village administrator Wednesday of Thursday. The property is huge as you will see in the pictures, and like our Washington house, we will be finding new things for quite some time. Fortunately, the guy who lived here previously is just down the road and is more than happy to anwser our questions. The house is great, very comfortable. The wood boiler keeps it warm, good considering that its been averaging about two below. The frame of reference is way different here. Out west theres mountains and water to reference where the hell your at. Here in the Mid-west, theres nothing, rolling hill after rolling hill. Reference points are experiences. “Oh yeah, that’s old man smith’s place.”, “We used to get stoned there.”, “That’s where Nils Nelson drove off the road.” So if you have no experiences your fucked and lost. Here’s a link to some pics

The long drive…

Monday, January 29th, 2007

yard.gifHello everyone-

I’m sitting in my new house writing this message. Saturday morning we took off in the truck with a small load of stuff to set up household. I’ve posted a link of some photo’s I took on the drive. We drove for thirty-one hours! That was grueling. We got here and then I needed to learn the workings of my wood boiler and many ways and means of heating this place, wood, gas, and oil. They all work! I will be post many photos for you to see this evening sometime. I need to regroup and organize.
See you soon.

The Long Drive

For your listening pleasure…

Thursday, January 25th, 2007

Like most commuters, I spend a lot of time in the mornings and late afternoons in Puget Sound Gridlock, I say Puget Sound, because it’s not a problem confined to one specific location, but every location along the I-5 corridor. The following is a break down of the folks I am forced to waste away my life with while stuck in said gridlock.

I fly around the dial so please bare with:

950 KJR- This is the one and only sports channel in Seattle. Mitch in the Morning is at the helm from six-ish to TEN on the nose. He’s funny to begin with, but after 20 minutes or so, you’ve heard his program for the week. He has a side kick named Steve Sandmeyer. He’s annoying. Actually, Smitty for Summerfield, Mass is the most likable on the show, and he’s the incompetent board op. The afternoon is handled by Dave Grosby from one to three and is joined by Pete Gastineau at three to five (Gros w/ Gas), at which point Gas takes over til seven. Grosby doesn’t have much to say, and when he does, I don’t care. I like Pete, he’s likable, if not topical. The only thing that really pisses him off is the fact that Seattle won’t spend more money on new stadiums and sports facilities. The two state of the art ones we have don’t get it done for him. Anyway, overall with the slim sporting sucesses Seattle teams have, they manage to fill up the time, maybe even deter some road rage incidences.

KTTH 770- Get this, it’s funny as hell. This station is the Republican stronghold of the Seattle airwaves, they have all the wackos, Rush, Bill, Micheal Medved, and the king hell of all loonies, Micheal Savage and his Savage Nation. I don’t know where that guy stands, but I want to be on the other side of the street. Getting back to the funny part, their the official station of the Seattle Supersonics! Holy Fuck! That has to sting KJR a bit. I think this is a dirty republican plot to place the last nail in the coffin of the Sonic’s tenure in this city. Well, their really just comic relief, being just left of right I can’t stand any of them.

99.9 KISW- I like this station. It’s been around forever and played the music I like to hear and I like the personalities. They get on my nerves too, but the opinions expressed are shallow enough to be completely ignored. The morning show is hosted by a bunch of dumb asses whose blather on endlessly about farts and boobs. The afternoon is also hosted by equally dumb ass folks who blather endlessly on about farts and boobs. But the afternoon group of dumb asses have a cute limerick for what they call the “Shot of the Day”. Kind of sets them apart. By now it should be obvious I don’t like being engaged in deep thoughts while driving.

88.5- I don’t know the call letters. This is the NPR affiliate in Seattle. This station pisses my brother Drew cause their a bunch of fucking bleeding heart liberals. True, I am just right of left enough to agree, but the different slant on the news is interesting at times. It’s funny to listen to cause they only can hire the professional staff that can’t make it in for profit radio, so there is a lot of goof ups.

89.5 KNHC- Here’s a contrats to NPR, funny also. This is a dance, techno, trance radio station run by a bunch of high school kids out of Nathan Hale in Seattle. They’ve been around for a good twenty years, have remained solid to their listeners, stream broadcasts worldwide, have a great webstie and do it all with considerably less fuck ups than their non profit counterparts at NPR. I love ’em.

102.5 KZOK- This is the classic rock station, which in this town means Led Zepplin. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Hammer of the Gods, but there were other group during that time, I think. This station has the all time shittiest morning show, Bob Rivers, Spike and Joe. Bob is an annoying fuck if I ever heard one, I use to like Spike and Joe, but now their just plain guilty by association. The afternoon doesn’t get much better, Seattle stalwart, Steve Slaton mans that piece of time real estate. The dude needs to buy a new script, he’s been reading the one he’s had for the past thirty years.

710 KIRO & AM 1000- Traffic and weather. That’s it. No substantive news or entertainment value here.

Think that’s it. Overall, it’s a steaming pile of mediocrity.

OH!, I forgot. The best station in the Pacific Northwest is 87.9, It’s the station I broadcast my iPod to when I’ve had all I can take of talk radio.

rant #2 is in the books.


Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

skinnypuppy_livetoronto0077.jpgSurreal is the only way I know how to explain it. I’m either completely out of body, or living completely in my sub conscience, either way, this move has got me in another state of being. I hope its an emergence of whats been walled up within me for the past 36 years, stuff like that happens in the same environment for so long. Man, I could be…different! Wow…wie. I told you about this time of year being my “metal” time of year, it’s the cold in the air, the trees hibernating, the season of wither. That type of music goes well. It has alway signaled some the obvious change in seasons and i’ve felt it, but this time it is really bringing about a change. On the way home to Nowhere, I passed a bus going to “out of service”. T-Minus two days and I’m hopping on board. Shooby-doo-wa-waa.
Josh, DINK, from the whole Chicago, Pigface, Skinny Puppy, David Oligive thing, I’m familiar, but can’t find any tunes to download, do you have any?

Open Road

Monday, January 22nd, 2007

T-minus four days and counting til the big road trip back to the Mid-West to “move-in” to the new house. We’re pretty excited about the new adventure. It’s not often you get to embark on a beginning. I never have for myself, thirty-seven years of the same thing, so I’m really looking forward to something new. We plan to drive straight through, just way-side breaks. We’ll leave Saturday morning and hope to be there Sunday sometime. Time there will be spent business planning, looking at the location they have for us, looking for suppliers, pricing lumber, meeting with the village management, etc. We also had to buy twelve cords of wood for the boiler, so wood splitting is in order. The house is in shambles in preparation for putting on the market. Painting mostly.
I need to put together some road music. The winter is usually my “metal” time of year, think it has something to do the cold and general dismal air about. Just getting over my winter cold, the mist and fog is hanging in the valley, feels like we live in a cave.
More to come…

Movie reviews, Mom’s Birthday and such…

Sunday, January 21st, 2007

The other night we watched “Layer Cake”. The movie stars Daniel Craig aka the new James Bond (Casino Royale kicks ass), it’s a drug dealer, mobster, “business man” show with some nice twists and really good writing. It’s British, so i didn’t recognize any of the actors except that curly haired Irishman who was a regular on “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, I think he was the engineer. Everything he’s been in since he’s played an asshole, pretty good too. I have no scale for movies yet, so I’ll just say that this is great movie and you should see it.

Last night I had something to rant about, but then I drank some beer and its escaped me now. I’ve been carrying a notepad, but not last night.

mom.jpg Hey! Happy Birthday Mom!

Gloomy, Gloomy, Gloomy

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

Man I have had enough of the cold snowy weather this year. Where I live gets a little bit more snow that the urban areas. Every morning i get up to wet, slushing snow and GLOOMY! The whole valley is emersed in a thick white mist, look like a scene from the movie, “The Fog”. All we need is some monsters creeping around. Same when I come home at night, I forget what the place looks like in the daylight.


Stay tuned…

Wednesday, January 17th, 2007

I’ve been sick this week, so there’s hasn’t been any new entries. Will remedy this evening.

New suit

Friday, January 12th, 2007

Hey all-

You may or may not have noticed the upgrade in appearance of the blog. I think it looks super and is a lot easier to read. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Joe Daniels, resident designer and web guy. Was working on a response to Bush’s speech the other night, but got to thinking about the time I was wasting on him and stopped.


Go Seahawks!

Next weeks line up:

Seahawks vs. Saints

Patriots vs. Ravens

There you have it.

The Year in Review…Books

Tuesday, January 9th, 2007


Hello All-

I didn’t get much reading in last year, but here’s a couple pieces of cheap, easy fiction:

The Alienist; Celeb Carr – A whodunnit at the end of the nineteenth century with a twist. This is about the infancy of profiling and forensic science as a method to catch a killer. The Killer, a deranged psychopath who kills and makes a pretty good gory mess of it, and the “good guys” which happens too include Teddy Roosevelt, then chief of police of New York. Anyway, it’s a good book with lots of historical info to make you feel smart around the water cooler. The chapters are manageable and could extend your stay on the throne by no less that fifteen minutes. So on the Crapper Scale, (shit and git being 5 minutes or less, in increments of five minutes up to 30, a real page turner.) I give “The Alienist” 15 minutes.

The Gunslinger; Stephen King – I’ve always been on the fence about ol’ stevey boy. Everybody has more than likely read one or two of his books and liked them good enough. But there by no means fantastic, they are the true meaning of cheap fiction. This is the first installment in “The Dark Tower”, series, King’s epic nod to The Lord of the Rings, Dune, and John Wayne. It follows Roland, the Gunslinger, on a quest for the Dark Tower, nexus of all things and the universe. In the Tower at the top is a small room, where as far as I can decipher, God is suppose to be. Or maybe not, King has a way of getting off topic and confusing the hell out of you. Further research has revealed that the Tower is also the nexus of the entire King Universe, you will find many characters from his other books sprinkled throughout the series. It was ok, and I’ll probably read more of the series eventually. The chapters are somewhat long winded and not always very interesting, and could extend your stay on the throne considerably, if only because of the long winded-ness. Constipation would help this book. So I give it a Crapper Scale rating of 10 minutes, 20 if your backed up.

So that’s that. My canon of reading in 2006. I’m open for reading suggestions for the coming year. Just started a book called, “Mason & Dixon”, the story of the two surveyors. We’ll see.

see ya