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Saturday, September 9th, 2017

This letter is to my Dad from his brother, William (Bill) Minnick. I have a clutch of letters from him to Mom and Dad. Our family has a long and documented history of bullshit.
Text transcript below.

June 1, 1994

“My dear brother Ed, (or in better circles, George.)

I was struck by your acquisition of an office at Shrine Hdqts. I don’t know why I should b e surprised because you always were the biggest bullshitter in the family. I want to caution you, though. You are mow perceived by people on the outside as someone who’s important and with that perception, you must always watch what you say or do.

A political friend and I have a “Luke Toomey theory” that could be of great benefit to you with the new status you’ve had bestowed at this late stave of your existence. In 1971, when Milt Shapp won the race for Governor in Pa. Jack Freed and I were hired at the Department of Agriculture. Neither one of us knew shit about farming, but that didn’t seem to matter. It was our expertise in gouging farmers who were well off to contribute for future elections. There were unique ways of doing this and I’m not going to get into that at this stage of the game.

Anyway, there was a man in the Bureau of Markets who at one time was a Republican legislator from Perry County where foreplay is defined thus: “Get into the back of the truck Bitch.” He was being paid at that time about what they’re worth; $5,000 a year and no perks. So, during the Scranton term in the early sixties, he stepped down as a legislator and took a job at Agriculture as Director of Markets. The salary; $35,000. That sumbitch was thinking retirement at middle age. He was there 3 years under Scranton, 4 more under another Republican Administration, and when Shapp won in 1970 the bastard quit as Director and became a Civil Servant in the same department. He actually went into hiding. No one saw or heard from him the next 8 years. It became a standard joke between Jack and myself. I would walk into the office and remark to Jack, “Guess who I saw today?” Jack would ask, “Who?” “Luke Toomey,” I answered. “Where?” “In the elevator.” Jim McHale, the Secretary of Ag, left office and never knew the sumbitch existed. Luke got 8 more years under Thornburg and retired after 30 years using his best three years, which averaged $50,000, and now lives on a farm with a huge mansion in Perry County. In 1988, the legislature passed and it was signed by the Governor, a bill that named a bridge after him in his home county. It spans the Little Buffalo creek and is named “The Luke Toomey Bridge.”

If you play your cards right, this could happen to you. Don’t give opinions. Don’t make any commitments to do anything. Don’t express strong beliefs. Don’t mess around. Don’t do any thing but sit in that damn office and when asked to make a foursome for golf, play,—but don’t bet. If a friend loses, he’ll start detesting you. Do all these things and one day they’ll the damn course in your honor. In the immortal words of Wasil Hrenshew, “I’ll tell your true.”


My candy…

Sunday, August 13th, 2017

This is a fucking crime against humanity, one that should be met with Fire and Fury. This must be a plot by Kim Jonh Un to cause unrest and chaos to midnight “Merican” snackers. How could it not? When you buy and bag of candy that advertises Kit Kat, Heath Bars, Milk Duds, Reeses Peices and has four Heath Bars and five Kit Kats?! North Korea is clearly fucking with me, if I had a twitter account, I’d tweet.

November evening…

Sunday, November 27th, 2016

christmas-cardPencils, paper, whiskey, beer. Holiday cheer in-between football games at the end of a long weekend. Crafting the yearly christmas card. And a dog.

Some research

Sunday, November 13th, 2016


Daily Meditation…

Monday, March 23rd, 2015


I’m not a math guy, but I admire them. I’m spatial, enjoy the way patterns form up. Today’s meditation was a golden rectangle, a golden spiral, and some golden triangles thrown in for good measure. They all work together. I didn’t measure anything, just made lines that all hooked up, intersected perfectly. If God exists, it’s perfection in nature…

…and Enso’s…


…and friendship…


…and your soul…


Yet another worthy post…

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015



Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

Here some pictures and info on our latest gardening experiment. Hugelkultur.








Sunday, September 28th, 2014


Today while riding my mower on this beautiful indian summer day, I heard “Strange Fruit” by Billie Holiday for the first time. I’ve heard it a hundred times before, regrettably, without hearing the words.
“Black bodies swingin’ in the Southern breeze
Strange fruit hangin’ from the poplar trees
I’m ashamed, and in wonder of these brave words given the time they were sung by this woman.

I’ve linked some additional info, do look. Lyrics.


Friday, June 13th, 2014

…so like a river, the snow melts, flows down the river to the ocean, then pulled back up into the atmosphere and carried back. The cycle comes back and begins anew. The difference between me twenty five years ago and me now, is the memories. Maybe we should all write a memoir at some time, if only to keep the history real. This particular place in time has come back from the ocean of memory, evaporated and rained back down on me. My first real job was in a comic book store, I think I was sixteen or seventeen, loved reading comic books, and thought i had it me to be a drummer. My drum lessons were in Lynnwood across from the roller rink (a memory for another post.) Down the road was an old shopping center, (Lynn-something, The Farmers Market grocery store was there, Jerry’s loan and pawn shop {still there, holy shit} and a Mobil gas station.) there resided The Comic Bin. The owners were Husband and wife %%%%%%%%. Husband was a drummer.

I must disclose now. These memories are triggered. Today coming home from work Wife messaged me through Facebook. I found her there a few years back while trying to find Todd, (Facebook is strange like that.) I thought it was strange I couldn’t find him, my thought and perception of Husband was that he was advancing in his career. He was killed. Those were the words.

The memories were not though.

Today I remembered sitting with Husband at the shop after closing. We were going through a trading card box, trying to make a complete set. As we each opened a pack, we would put the gum from that pack in our mouths. By the time we had finished, and still not finished a complete set of cards, we had a wad of gum in our mouths the size of a golf ball. I remember pulling out of the parking lot and him sticking his head out his car window and letting the ball of gum fall out of him mouth. It bounced when it hit the ground.

That’s one memory. I got a few others that I hadn’t thought of in a lot of years.

Oso benefit show…

Friday, March 28th, 2014

First up, one man band.